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Cancellation and Missed Appointments

Our Policy

In order to give our patients the best possible care and in a timely manner, we must to hold our patients accountable for keeping their scheduled appointments and canceling appointments more than 48 hours in advance. When our office schedules your appointment, we are setting aside a dedicated chair and time slot just for you. We ask that if you must reschedule your appointment, that you please provide us with at least 48 hours of advance notice. Appointment reminders (4 days in advance of your appointment, and every day thereafter until the appointment is confirmed) are sent electronically via email or text.

Every patient in our practice receives this unique reservation. We value the time that we specifically set aside for you. When your appointment is made, a time is reserved, your materials are ordered, and we make special arrangements to be prepared for YOU at your visit. Please be considerate that not giving proper notification will take away the opportunity for another patient to be seen, decreasing our availability for care. Clearwater Dentistry makes every effort to be on time for your appointment. If for some reason, we will be running late or cannot see you at your scheduled appointment time, then we will contact you with as much advanced notice as possible.

There is a charge of $50.00 per hour of scheduled appointment time for not canceling with at least 48-hours advanced notice or not showing up for scheduled appointments. Please take notice that we will charge your account with the corresponding missed appointment fee on the day of your scheduled appointment

Arriving more than 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment time will result in a broken/missed appointment, unless accommodation by Clearwater Dentistry can be made to complete scheduled treatment within the remaining appointment duration or for accommodation for a same-day appointment.

*Cancelations made outside of operating hours or left on voicemail will not be recorded until the next working business day.

*Repeated cancellations or missed appointments will result in loss of future appointment privileges. 

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